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NEL Vol. 18 No. 2/3
Original Article

1998; 18:141-152
pii: NEL182397A06


The GnRH-containing Synapses in The Preoptic Area of Normal and Ovariectomized Female Rat Immunocytochemical Study
by Barbara Gajkowska and Kazimierz Kochman


GnRH immunoreactivity in preoptic area synapses of young normal and ovarieLtomized female rat hypothalamus was investigated Immunolabelling was performed using the 15 nm gold-antibody complex specific for GnRH decapeptide.

The only elements consistently labelled were certain neurons, their axons and dendntes and axonal endings The decreasing influence of ovanectomy on content of GnRH immunoreactivity in synapses of POA region was detected.

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