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NEL Vol. 18 No. 2/3

1998; 18:47-48
pii: NEL182397E01



This double issue of the Journal pays tribute to the founder and former Editor-in-Chief for 19 years, the great scientist and wonderful friend Professor Derek Gupta, who died on May 13th 1997 A Memorial Symposium in celebration of his life and work was held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on September 13th 1997 It was chaired by Dr Andrea Attanasio, London, UK and by Professor Russel Reiter, San Antonio, Texas, USA and attended also by Professor Gupta's wife Dr. Bhakti Datta-Gupta and his two daughters Mita Madden and Ratna Dutt.
The papers that were presented there, are published in this issue and in the next December issue together with papers by colleagues who were not able to participate.

In the last few weeks of Professor Gupta's life he and I discussed his wish that I take over the editorship of Neuroendocrinology Letters. I humbly accepted this legacy, which was both a great honour and an enormous responsibility. Many of my distinguished colleagues on the Editorial Board have strongly supported me and will remain on the Board I am especially very much obliged to Professor Russel Reiter who agreed to serve as the Associate Editor I have invited some new colleagues and enlarged the Board to 26 members I wish to express my great gratitude both to the old and to the new members for their commitment.
In the present issue you will find the extended scope and aim of the Journal with new Instructions for Authors.

This year's first issue was edited by Professor Gupta during the last stages of his life He was full of mental strength until his last physical reserve was spent It was an enormous effort for him to sustain the Journal His dedication is a great inspiration for all of us, as editors, authors and contributors
Professor Gupta and I agreed to continue to publish the Journal as a quartely. We are pleased to announce a new publisher Mr. Kurt Mattes of Mattes Verlag in Heidelberg, Germany who kindly accepted the position I wish to express our great appreciation and thankfulness to him.
I wish to thank all our faithful subscribers for their understanding of some of the administrative difficulties in communication during this year and I would like to encourage all potential new subscribers and authors to join us in the future.

Peter G Fedor-Freybergh Editor-in-Chief


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