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NEL Vol. 18 No. 4
Original Article

1998; 18:197-201
pii: NEL182397A02


Quinolinic Acid: Lipolytic Effect
by M. Beskid, J. Jachimowicz, and Z. Obminski

Received: February 15, 1997
Accepted: May 6, 1997


Quinolinic acid is a structural analogue of nicotinic acid. Metabolic activity of nicotinic acid is lowering the free fatty acids (FFA) level in serum by phosphodiesterase activation. Our investigations proved that quinolinic acid significantly increase FFA scrum concentration applied alone or in combination with propranolol. It seems that quinolinic acid inhibits phosphodiesterase activity in adipocytes. That leads to cyclic AMP increase, lipolytic intensity and growth of FFA serum concentration.

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