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NEL VOL. 19 No. 1

1998; 19:15-19


Effects of Melatonin Administration in Advanced Breast Cancer Patients -- Preliminary Report

by Michal Karasek, Krzysztof Kuzdak, Jacek Cywinski, Krystyna Zylinska, Anna Smialowska & Anna Pluzanska


Effects of melatonin treatment was studied in six advanced breast cancer patients (mean age 61.2 years, range 43-74) with numerous distant metastases. In five patients recurrent disease was observed 2-5 years after mastectomy with adjuvant chemo/hormonotherapy and radiotherapy. In one patient metastatic disease was confirmed as first observation. Melatonin was administered orally in the late afternoon (18:00-19:00 h) in a dose of 10 mg/day, for 7-72 weeks. An improvement in performance status was observed in five of six studied patients. In three patients stabilization of disease for 3 to 5 months was observed during melatonin treatment. The results of the present study suggest that, although melatonin can not be recommended as oncostatic agent, the possibility of its use in order to improve the performance status of patients with advanced, metastatic, chemo- and hormonoresistant breast cancer should not be ruled out.

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