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NEL VOL. 19 No. 2

1998; 19:67-70


Impaired Synthesis of Immunoreactive Placental Calcitonin by Ethanol and Its Possible Role in the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Georg Buhler, Svetla Balabanova, F.A. Wolf & Julian Rosenthal


In this study the effect of ethanol on placental immunoreactive calcitonin (CT) synthesis in vitro was investigated. Separate placental tissue samples were incubated in culture medium with 1.3mM Calcium (Ca) concentration at 37 ƒC during 6 hours. In a parallel incubation, 2 hours after beginning of the experiment, 2.5g ethanol/kg were added to the culture medium and incubated as previously. The CT concentrations secreted into medium were determined by radioimmunoassay. After addition of ethanol a decrease of CT levels up to 68% was observed. It can be assumed that the decrease of the CT concentrations participates in the damaging effect of alcohol on the intrauterine development of fetus.

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