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NEL VOL. 19 No. 3

1998; 19:147-157


Application of Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition Methods to the Evaluation of Speech Deformation Degree for Patients Surgically Treated for Larynx Cancer
by Elzbieta Reron, Ryszard Tadeusiewicz, Maciej Modrzejewski & Wieslaw Wszolek

Key words:

cancer of the larynx; voice quality; neural networks


The work presented concerns the automatic evaluation of pathological speech, and finding the methods of objective acoustic evaluation of the degree of speech deformation. The most interesting techniques are neural networks, which adaptation and learning ability is well known, and realization of which is now possible in terms of equipment. The objective of this presentation is to define the degree to which the technique of the neural networks can be applied in evaluation of speech deformation in a given type of pathology. The presented methodology can be directly applied in the monitoring examinations for patients after larynx oncological operations and in the future its wider use seems possible in the evaluation and optimalisation of the results of surgical treatments in many types of affliction in the larynx, pharynx, tongue, mouth and paranasal sinusis area.

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