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NEL VOL. 19 No. 4

1998; 19:202-206


The Pineal and Vasopressin Synthesis
by Ewa Bojanowska, Marlena Juszczak, Jan W. Guzek, Ryszard Dabrowski


The effect of pineal removal on vasopressin (AVP) synthesis in the rat hypothalamus two or eight weeks after pinealectomy was investigated using the colchicine method. Pinealectomized or sham-operated rats were injected intracerebroventricularly with colchicine solution (5 µg/5 µl) or saline and decapitated 20 h later. The hypothalamic AVP content was increased whereas the neurohypophysial secretory activity was not affected by colchicine injection. The AVP synthesis rate as well as the plasma AVP concentration were significantly higher two weeks after pinealectomy. On the contrary, both the AVP synthesis rate and its plasma level were markedly reduced eight weeks after pineal removal. We suggest that the pineal suppresses the synthesis of AVP. With passage of time, however, the functional exhaustion of the vasopressinergic system develops and the hormone synthesis is reduced.

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