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NEL VOL. 20 1/2

1999; 20:50

9th International Congress
of the Czech and Slovak Neurochemical Society

September 6–10, 1998. Martin, Slovakia

The Congress was organized by the Department of Biochemistry, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University. The Chairperson of the Congress was Prof. Dr. Viera Mézesová, and the Secretary General of the Conference was Prof. Dr. Dušan Dobrota.
Outstanding scientific personalities from three continents were found among the invited speakers; however, papers from all over the world were presented.
A wide range of aspects of Neurochemistry was included in the program. Neurotransmitters and Receptors, Neurotoxicity of Excitatory Amino Acids, Neural Mechanisms of Endocrine Regulation, Neurochemistry of the Development and Aging, Neurochemistry of Psychiatry and Neurology were the main topics of this congress. Not only the section “Neural Mechanisms of Endocrine Regulation,” but nearly all of the sections showed many interesting neuroendocrine and endocrine relations. One topic should especially be emphasized: “Ischemia and Reperfusion induced damage to the central Nervous System.” The host institution and their collaborators gave an excellent survey of this field and presented high level original reports on their own recent findings.
The interest of the participants was always keen with very active discussions.
The social program was elegant and always in a friendly atmosphere. The highlight of the social program was a one-day post-congress excursion to the Small-Fatra mountain.
It is not the duty of a congress report to give detailed information on each topic or lecture of the conference. However, I am convinced the 9th International Congress of the Czech and Slovak Neurochemical Society was really a well organized, high-level scientific meeting fulfilling one of the main requirements of the international conferences, providing not only new information but also promoting international scientific collaborations.

Bela Mess

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