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NEL VOL. 20 1/2

1999; 20:6

Encountering Neuroendocrinology Letters
in its new appearance
by Lili Maas

Encountering the Neuroendocrinology Letters in its concept with Psychoimmunology gave birth to the whole new idea of colors, layout, art and visual impact.
I have chosen the blue color which is the color of visions of height and deepness of thought. For me this blue color represents a synthesis between the mind and emotions with its impact on the human behavior and human feelings which are the objectives of neuroendocrinological studies.

The Journal is enriched with illustrations from different artists and every piece of art has its symbolic value for the specific issue.
In this issue we have chosen the Embryo as a Symbol of Life, Encounter and Continuity. This continuity goes even beyond the life itself and that’s why the Statue of a Woman “Mourning” is an other aspect of it. The poem of Quasimodo with the Sunset symbolizes the fragility of human life and the importance of the awareness of every precious moment of our lives, as well as the Tree Silhouette against the evening firmament.

Science and art are indivisible as is the unity of human functions representing body and mind. It is the feeling of beauty which I want to convey the beauty of living, the beauty of working, the beauty of the senses, the intellectual and emotional beauties of everyday life.
Reading this Journal should not only give one an intellectual satisfaction. It should give the assurance of meaningfulness to what we are doing and why....

I am looking forward, in this and coming issues, to help find the answers to the mysterium of the “Feu sacré” which is in all of us, sometimes sleeping, sometimes awake, but always there and always guarding, ready to be awakened through our wish to participate in the creation.

Lili Maas
Art & PR Director

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