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Neuroendocrinology Letters Vol. 20 No. 5 Contents
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Neuroendocrinology Letters incl. Psychoneuroimmunology & Chronobiology.
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NEL VOL. 20 No. 5
1999; 20:137
by Lili Maas

In presenting the 5th issue of Volume 20 Neuroendocrinology Letters, November 1999, I would like to share with you some problems we have encountered in editing the previous double issues, Nos. 1/2 and Nos. 3/4.

In order to produce a journal of highest quality from both scientific and formal points of view, we must ask our authors to carefully and thoroughly follow the Instructions for Authors which were published in Nos. 1/2 and Nos. 3/4. We cannot accept less than the highest quality of figures and tables submitted, in the precise way as instructed, and we cannot accept references which do not meet the exactness very clearly specified in the Instructions for Authors.

We from the Editorial Office are afraid that if the formal requests in submitted papers are not satisfactorily met, we may have to refuse the paper independently of its high scientific quality, even before it will be sent for peer-review procedures. Our Editorial office has no possibilities whatsoever to make corrections of obvious inadequacies and carelessness, which the authors are supposed to avoid.

All manuscripts submitted for publication must be written in clear, plain English (American spelling), and approved by a native English speaker (see Instructions for Authors, Submission of Papers.)

As far as galley proofs are concerned, no corrections other than typographical errors are accepted: no changes in make-up and absolutely no changes in the contents of the text. Otherwise the paper will be regarded as a new publication with all the procedures starting from the very beginning.

The policy of the Neuroendocrinology Letters is to highly respect the authors, and we are expecting the same response towards us.

All of us, the editors and the authors, are ultimately responsible to the readers of the Journal, who are entitled to receive a journal of highest professional quality. This responsibility is shared by editors and authors alike. Unless the above conditions are fulfilled, we will not regard the paper as even close for consideration to be published.

Lili Maas
Art & PR Director


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