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Neuroendocrinology Letters ISSN 0172–780X    Copyright © 1999 Neuroendocrinology Letters
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NEL VOL. 20 No. 6
1999; 20:333
by Lili Maas

In this last issue of Volume 20, I would like to welcome you to our homepage: www.nel.edu.
     We see it as a dynamic supplement to this journal and we expect from you, both readers and authors, a very active cooperation. Send us your ideas, additions, proposals for changes, links, etc.
     Abstracts of articles published in the Neuroendocrinology Letters are available on line and the new ones will be added with every new published issue. We will continuously update our site and are also working on previous volumes and issues of the Neuroendocrinology Letters.
     You are welcome to visit us there frequently and we encourage you to become an active part of it. This site will also give you a live impression of the development of the Neuroendocrinology Letters both in the form of published material and background facts.
     The main purpose of our homepage is to create a very dynamic meeting place, continuously developing and always open for constructive ideas and proposals. Use it also as a quick reference guide for your publication activities, for orders of specific papers, issues or volumes and inform your colleagues and libraries about it.

Lili Maas
Art & PR Director

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