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NeuroendocrinologyİLetters incl. Psychoneuroimmunology & Chronobiology, Editorial.
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NEL Vol. 21 No. 1
From the Art Director's Desk

2000; 21:4


The humanistic touch which involves all the senses in the creation process both in science and art has been one of the main objectives of editing the Neuroendocrinology Letters. As Yehudi Menuhin said in his lecture at the Royal Institution, ì... the creative act is the common bond between science and art.î

The creation process is an indivisible phenomenon as are the somatic and psychological dimensions. Science and art are indivisible in the integrative approach to human life. Integration means also unification and harmony, and this latter, harmony, should be stressed specifically because this guides the way towards respect, tolerance and generosity.

Last year, beginning with the Volume 20, we refined the Neuroendocrinology Letters with an artistic touch connected to the scientific content. This is the way we convey the humanistic approach to our readers and this is the way we understand the comprehensive nature of every creative and scientific act.

We encourage all our readers to contribute to the artistic part of this Journal by submitting proposals, pieces of art to be considered for publishing (paintings, drawings, photographs, etc.), as well as poems, essays, belles-lettres, etc. We invite all of you to join us in finding the answers to the mysterium of the ìFeu sacrÈ.î

Lili Maas
Art & Advertising Director

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