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Neuroendocrinology Letters incl. Psychoneuroimmunology & Chronobiology

Neuroendocrinology Letters incl. Psychoneuroimmunology & Chronobiology.
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NEL VOL. 21 No. 2
From the Art Director's Desk

2000; 21:79

The artist of this issue is Adela—a little girl at the age of 7. Certainly she is a very talented little child with an artistic streak. But not only that. She has the genuine spontaneous creativity in her mind and in her deeds. As Eli Lash put it in his paper “Health in the 21st century—a change in belief systems” (Neuroendocrinology Letters Vol. 21 No. 1, February 2000)—there is a presence of joy and happiness in the state of the vital energy of a seven-year-old child, qualities which differentiate children from adults. The adults’ urges, emotions and free will, natural for a child, are suppressed later on in life. Adults are consistently told to control them and use up their psychic energy for this destructive deed.

Since this Journal, as it was repeatedly declared in our Editorials, is devoted to the preventive aspects of medicine and health and stresses the creative process as a common denominator for both health, science and art, Adela’s drawings in this issue are part of this philosophy.

The question is at what age and why this “clandestine conspiration” happens from the part of society at large, when emotions are forbidden, science and art are manipulated and health has declined.

The Neuroendocrinology Letters strives towards a uniqueness among the traditional bio-medical and scientific journals through its transdisciplinary approach far beyond the narrow frontiers of our ingrained way of thinking, feeling and expressing ourselves. Adelka primarily goes for the pure creative touch which, if kept alive consistently throughout life and throughout the passage of time “per se,” would enable bringing about the realization of the preventive measures in human health, the process of healing and regeneration, and enable keeping the dream alive.

Lili Maas
Art & Advertising Director


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