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NEL VOL. 21 No. 3

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2000; 21:213–216

Hemangiosarcoma of the Thyroid Gland. A case report
by Jaromír Astl, Jaroslava Dušková, Zdena Límanová, Ctibor Povýšil & Zdenka Kuchynková

angiosarcoma, thyroid gland, diagnosis, treatment

OBJECTIVES: The authors described a case of rare histological type of primary thyroid tumor—angiosarcoma. Angiosarcoma generally represents a rare connective tissue tumor in the head and neck region. Its biological behavior is locally aggressive and destructive with a high recurrence rate.
METHODS: A case of a rare histological type of primary thyroid tumor —angiosarcoma—has been described including fine needle aspiration biopsy, histology, and autopsy.
RESULTS: Irrespective of the complex approach the angiosarcoma of the patient referred to was diagnosed in a radically inoperative stage of the disease. Radiation was therefore applied after the tumor mass was diminished with the partial thyroidectomy and a correct histopathological diagnosis was rendered. Nevertheless, the locally destructive course was followed with a rather rapid spread of the tumor (lymph nodes, bones, lungs, and brain). Autopsy proved with certainty that the thyroid was the primary tumor location. A suspected kidney origin due to an uncertain sonography shadow of this region was excluded with a complete absence of any neoplastic spread of the angiosarcoma in the abdominal cavity at all.