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Volume 21, 2000
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Contents, Vol. 21 No. 4, 2000

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) EDITORIAL
by Peter G. Fedor-Freybergh
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cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  FROM THE ART DIRECTOR’S DESK
by Lili Maas



2000; 21:261–262


2000; 21:263

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cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  INVITED GUEST EDITORIAL
Ten ontogenetic theses for promotion of health and primary prevention of important diseases by a prenatal and early postnatal neuro-endocrine-immune prophylaxis
by Günter Dörner
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2000; 21:265–267
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  ORIGINAL ARTICLES:
Melatonin prevents oxidative damage to protein and lipid induced by ascorbate-Fe3+-EDTA: Comparison with glutathione and a-tocopherol
by Seok Joong Kim, Russel J. Reiter, Wenbo Qi, Dun-xian Tan & Javier Cabrera
2000; 21:269–276

FSH b-subunit gene expression in long-term ovariectomized rat after pulsatile intracerebroventricular microinjections of GnRH by Alina Gajewska, Yannick Lerrant, Raymond Counis & Kazimierz Kochman

2000; 21:277–281
The effect of continuous darkness and illumination on the function and the morphology of the pineal gland in the domestic pig
I. The effect on plasma melatonin level

by Bogdan Lewczuk & Barbara Przybylska-Gornowicz
2000; 21:283–291
The effect of continuous darkness and illumination on the function and the morphology of the pineal gland in the domestic pig
II. The effect on pinealocyte ultrastructure

by Bogdan Lewczuk & Barbara Przybylska-Gornowicz
2000; 21:293–299
Melatonin inhibits testosterone secretion by acting at hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis in the rat
by Bayram Yilmaz, Selim Kutlu, Rasim Mogulkoç, Sinan Canpolat, Süleyman Sandal, Berrin Tarakçi & Haluk Kelestimur
2000; 21:301–306
Daytime pineal gland activation in rats with colon tumors induced by 1,2-dimethylhydrazine
by Dmitrii A. Sibarov, Rimma I. Kovalenko, Vladimir N. Anisimov & Alexander D. Nozdrachev
2000; 21:307–312
Tau-protein expression in human blood lymphocytes: a promising marker and suitable sample for life-time diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease
by Igor M. Kvetnoy, Jose Hernandez-Yago, Tatiana V. Kvetnaia, Vladimir Kh. Khavinson, Vladimir V. Malinin, Alexander A. Yarilin, Nina I. Sharova, Jose R. Blesa, Vladimir N. Anisimov, Lilia V. Lenskaia, Sofia F. Sluchevskaia, Svetlana I. Chekalina, Oleg Yu. Tokarev & Vadim V. Yuzhakov
2000; 21:313–318
Oncostatic activity of pineal neuroendocrine treatment with the pineal indoles melatonin and 5-methoxytryptamine in untreatable metastatic cancer patients progressing on melatonin alone
by Paolo Lissoni, Franco Rovelli, Andrea Frassineti, Luca Fumagalli, Ola Malysheva, Ario Conti & Georges Maestroni
2000; 21:319–323
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  PHILOSOPHY BEHIND SCIENCE
Knowledge as an emotional and intellectual realization of the unconscious. Gnosiology, Psychedelic Drugs and Prenatal Experiences
by Zephyros Kafkalides
Reprints upon request 
2000; 21:326–331
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  SCIENCE BEHIND ART
Unconscious Imagery in Painting
by Johannes Fabricius
Reprints upon request 
2000; 21:335–343
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  NEL ARTISTS
Iris Cederborg-Lindgren
Vladimír Jiránek

2000; 21:332–333
2000; 21:282, 300, 350

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS
2000; 21:344–349
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