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Contents, Vol. 22 No. 1, 2001
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) EDITORIAL
by Peter G. Fedor-Freybergh
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cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) From the ART DIRECTOR’S DESK
by Lili Maas

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  From RUDI KLIMEK’S DESK
by Rudolf Klimek
Full text
| full text pdf
2000; 22:1-2
pii: NEL220101E01
PMID: 11335871

2000; 22:3
pii: NEL220101E02
PMID: 11335872

2000; 22:5-8
pii: NEL220101L01
PMID: 11335873

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)   INVITED NEL REVIEW:

Effects of pineal peptide preparation Epithalamin on free-radical processes in humans and animals
by Vladimir N. Anisimov, Alexander V. Arutjunyan & Vladimir Kh. Khavinson
Full text | full text pdf

2000; 22:9-18
pii: NEL220101R01
PMID: 11335874

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)   ORIGINAL ARTICLES:

The changes in the ultrastructure of the cerebrovascular junction after traumatic injury of the cerebral cortex in rats
by Michal Walski & Barbara Gajkowska
Abstract | full text pdf

2001; 22:19-26
pii: NEL220101A01
PMID: 11335875
Efficacy of monochemotherapy with docetaxel (taxotere) in relation to prolactin secretion in heavily pretreated metastatic breast cancer
by Paolo Lissoni, Massimo Vaghi, Antonio Ardizzoia, Elena Fumagalli, Fabio Malugani, Gabriele Tancini, Gianstefano Gardani, Ario Conti & Georges JM Maestroni

Abstract | full text pdf
2001; 22:27-29
pii: NEL220101A02
PMID: 11335876
Gestational progesterone suppresses embryotoxic action of the complement system to chick embryo
by Michal Zeman & Pavla Nováková
Abstract | Full text pdf (176 kb) full text pdf
2001; 22:33-37
pii: NEL220101A03
PMID: 11335877
Incidence of autoimmune thyroiditis in interferon-a treated and untreated patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection
by Antonio Rocco, Serena Gargano, Alessia Provenzano, Maria Rosaria Nardone, Giuseppe Maria De Sanctis, Nadia Altavilla, Lucia Valeria Chircu & Francesca Grimaldi

Abstract  | full text pdf
2001; 22:39-44
pii: NEL220101A04
PMID: 11335878
Anti-angiogenic activity of melatonin in advanced cancer patients
by Paolo Lissoni, Franco Rovelli, Fabio Malugani, Roberta Bucovec, Ario Conti & Georges JM Maestroni

Absract | full text pdf
2001; 22:45-47
pii: NEL220101A05
PMID: 11335879
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  CASE REPORT
Hashimoto’s disease during interferon-alpha therapy in a patient with pre-treatment negative anti-thyroid autoantibodies and with the specific genetic susceptibility to the thyroid disease

by Antonio Martocchia, Giancarlo Labbadia, Vincenzo Paoletti, Serena Gargano, Antonio Grossi, Simonetta Trabace, Antonino Musca & Paolo Falaschi
Abstract | full text pdf
2001; 22:49-52
pii: NEL220101C01
PMID: 11335880
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  SEASON'S APPRECIATIONS
Season’s Appreciations 2000
Chronomics complement, among many other fields, genomics and proteomics

by Franz Halberg, Germaine Cornélissen, George Katinas, Dewayne Hillman & Othild Schwartzkopff

Full text | full text pdf
2001; 22:53-73
pii: NEL220101X01

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  NEL ARTISTS
Lili Maas
Vladim¡r Jiranek

2001; 22:30, 38, 48
2001; 22:74

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS
See Vol. 21, Nos. 1, 2 and 4, 2000
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