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NEL VOL. 22 No. 2

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2001; 22:109-117
pii: NEL220101A05
PMID: 11335887

Melatonin production in patients with duodenal ulcer
Nadezshda K. Malinovskaya, Fedor I. Komarov,
Semen I. Rapoport, Lidia A. Voznesenskaya & Lennart Wetterberg

duodenal ulcer, exacerbation, remission, urinary melatonin

Submitted: October 24, 2000
Accepted: January 14, 2001


OBJECTIVES. This work was designed to study melatonin (M) production levels in duodenal ulcer (DU) patients in the exacerbation and remission stages and in DU patients with a different course of DU in the exacerbation and remission stages.

METHODS: DU patients (15 men aged 20 to 45, mean age 34,2 ± 1,1 years) were studied. The control group included 11 healthy volunteers (men aged 20–45, mean age 32,5 ± 1,4 years). M was measured by RIA - method using H3–labeled M in daily urine collected at 3-hour intervals (8 portions per day). Mathematical processing was carried out using ANOVA, Student’s t-test, and cosinor analysis. Differences at p £ 0,05 were considered to be significant.

RESULTS: A strong disturbance of M secretion in DU patients both in the exacerbation and remission stages and a direct correlation between the degree of M production disturbance and severity of clinical course of DU were revealed.

CONCLUSION: The obtained results suggest that circadian rhythms of M production are altered in DU patients. M was supposed to be involved in the pathogenesis of DU.

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