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NEL VOL. 22 No. 3
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2001; 22:208-214
pii: NEL220301A06

Does leptin modulate immune and endocrine response in the time of LPS-induced acute inflammation?
by Wojciech Bik, Ewa Wolinska-Witort, Magdalena Chmielowska, Elzbieta Rusiecka-Kuczalek & Boguslawa Baranowska

leptin, cytokines, lipopolisaccharyde (LPS), hormones

Submitted: May 2, 2001
Accepted: June 6, 2001


OBJECTIVES: In many studies it has been reported, that leptin may play an important role not only in the regulation of food intake and body weight but can modify immune response. The aim of our study was to estimate the effects of the administration of exogenous leptin on serum concentration of proinflammatory cytokines (interleukin 6-IL 6 and tumor necrosis factor alpha-TNF a) and anti-inflammatory cytokine (interleukin 10 – IL 10) during LPS induced acute inflammation. We also estimated leptin’s influence on pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and gonadal hormones in response to lipopolisaccharyde (LPS) induced acute inflammation.

METHODS: Male rats Wistar-Kyoto were divided into four groups, which received respectively: placebo (0.9% NaCl), LPS, leptin and leptin with LPS. The TNF a and IL 6 serum concentrations were measured after 2 hours and IL 10 after 4 hours. The pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and gonadal hormones serum concentrations were measured after 2 and 4 hours. Cytokine concentrations were estimated using ELISA tests and hormones concentrations using RIA tests.

RESULTS: Leptin did not have an effect on both cytokine responses (proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory) in the time of LPS-induced acute inflammation. Leptin enhanced LPS-induced increasing of corticosterone secretion after 2 hours and decreased LPS-induced inhibition of testosterone secretion after 4 hours.

CONCLUSIONS: Leptin can modulate hormone response during LPS-induced acute inflammation.

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