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NEL VOL. 22 No. 4
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2001; 22:251-254
pii: NEL220401A03
PMID: 11524632

Synthetic tetrapeptide epitalon restores disturbed neuroendocrine regulation in senescent monkeys
by Vladimir Khavinson, Nadezhda Goncharova & Boris Lapin

Epitalon, melatonin, cortisol, circadian rhythms, monkeys

Submitted: June 22, 2001
Accepted: June 28, 2001


The OBJECTIVE of this research was to investigate the regulatory effect of Epitalon on the production of melatonin and cortisol in senescent monkeys.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: We investigated the character of melatonin and cortisol secretion by immunoferment assay in Epitalon-administered female Macaca mulatta in different age periods.

RESULTS: Epitalon was proven to significantly stimulate melatonin synthesis in senescent monkeys in the evening, thereby normalising the circadian rhythm of cortisol secretion.

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