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Neuroendocrinology Letters incl. Psychoneuroimmunology & Chronobiology.
ISSN 0172–780X Copyright © 1997-2001 Neuroendocrinology Letters

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Contents, Vol. 22 No. 4, 2001


cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) EDITORIAL
by Peter G. Fedor-Freybergh
| Editorial pdf (58kb)

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  From the ART DIRECTOR’S DESK
by Lili Maas


2001; 22:215-216
pii: NEL220401E01

2001; 22:217
pii: NEL220401E02


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cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  GUEST EDITORIAL :
by Hideaki Koizumi
Introduction |
Full text pdf (90kb)
2001; 22:219-221
pii: NEL220401E03
PMID: 11524626
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  INVITED NEL REVIEW:
Time, love and Species
by Takaomi Sakai & Norio Ishida
| Full text pdf (121kb)
2001; 22:222-228
pii: NEL220401A01
PMID: 11524627
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  ORIGINAL ARTICLES:
Disturbances of diurnal rhythms of biogenic amines contents in hypothalamic nuclei as an evidence of neurotropic effects of enterotropic carcinogen 1,2-dimethylhydrazine
by Alexander V. Arutjunyan, Gleb O. Kerkeshko, Vladimir N. Anisimov, Mikhail G. Stepanov, Valentina M. Prokopenko, Nikita V. Pozdeyev & Andrew V. Korenevsky
Abstract |
Full text pdf (187kb)
2001; 22:229-237
pii: NEL220401A01
PMID: 11524628

The insulin, glucose and cholesterol level and activity of lysosomal enzymes in the course of the model alloxan diabetes
by Bozena Witek, Teodora Król, Adam Koataj, Ewa Ochwanowska, Iwona Stanisawska & Alina Slewa
Abstract |
Full text pdf (102kb)

2001; 22:238-242
pii: NEL220401A02
PMID: 11524629

Synthetic tetrapeptide epitalon restores disturbed neuroendocrine regulation in senescent monkeys
by Vladimir Khavinson, Nadezhda Goncharova & Boris Lapin
Abstract |
Full text pdf (104kb)

2001; 22:251-254
pii: NEL220401A03
PMID: 11524632
Influence of pinealectomy and long-term melatonin administration on GH-IGF-I axis function in male rats
by Zofia Ostrowska, Beata Kos-Kudla, Elzbieta Swietochowska, Bogdan Marek, Dariusz Kajdaniuk & Nelly Ciesielska-Kopacz
Abstract |
Full text pdf (154kb)
2001; 22:255-262
pii: NEL220401A04
PMID: 11524633
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  CLINICAL REPORTS:
Effects of tandospirone, a serotonin-1A agonist, on the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis of male patients

by Yasuhiro Kaneda & Akira Fujii
Abstract  |
Full text pdf (113kb)
2001; 22:243-247
pii: NEL220401C01
PMID: 11524630
High incidence of hyperandrogenism-related clinical signs in patients with multiple sclerosis
by Paolo Falaschi, Antonio Martocchia, Antonella Proietti, Rosaria DÝUrso & Giovanni Antonini
Abstract  |
Full text pdf (76kb)
2001; 22:248-250
pii: NEL220401C02
PMID: 11524631
Heterotopy of thyroid tissue ˝ A modified therapeutical approach
by Jarom╠r Astl, Jan Betka & Petr Vlcek
Abstract  |
Full text pdf (132kb)
2001; 22:263-269
pii: NEL220401C03
PMID: 11524634
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  CONGRESS ANNOUNCEMENT:
Sydney 1-4th November 2001

Download pdf (54kb)
2001; 22:218
pii: NEL220401X03
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  CONGRESS ABSTRACTS:
Abstracts of the international symposium on ýMelatonin: Clinical Significance and Therapeutic Applicationţ
Polanica Zdroj (Poland) 30.09 - 03.10.2001
Abstracts (264kb)
2001; 22:271-294
pii: NEL220401X01
PMID: 11524635
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  PHILOSOPHY BEHIND SCIENCE:
Confirming Affectivity, the Dawn of Human Life: The pre-, peri- and postnatal affective-confirming. Haptonomic accompaniment of parents and their child
by F. Veldman
Abstract  |
Full text pdf (176kb)
2001; 22:295-304
pii: NEL220401X02
PMID: 11524636
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes)  INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS
See Instructions | download pdf (148kb)
2001; 22:142-147
pii: NEL220101i01
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