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Reproductive Medicine, Chronobiology
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cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) EDITORIAL

by Peter G. Fedor-Freybergh Full text | full text pdf

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) ART DIRECTOR’S DESK

Full text

2002; 23:5-7
pii: NEL230101E01
PMID: 11880852


2002; 23:5-7
pii: NEL230101E02
PMID: 11880853


cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Dehumanization of Contemporary Medicine:
Causes and Remedies

Marek Pawlikowski
Full text | full text pdf

2002; 23:5-7
pii: NEL230101E03
PMID: 11880854


cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Immune Cells Express Endocrine Markers
Michel Salzet
Full text | full text pdf

2002; 23:8-9
pii: NEL230101L02
PMID: 11880855

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Cytokines and Epilepsy. A Clinical Study
Ruediger Lorenz
Full text | full text pdf

2002; 23:10-12
pii: NEL230101L01
PMID: 11880856


cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Cardiac Mechanoenergetics In Silico
Marko Vendelin, Peter H. M. Bovendeerd, Valdur Saks & Jüri Engelbrecht

 Abstract | full text pdf

2002; 23:13-20
pii: NEL230102R01
PMID: 11880857

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) A Hormonal Role for Endogenous Opiate Alkaloids: Vascular Tissues
George B. Stefano, Wei Zhu, Patrick Cadet, Kirk Mantione, Thomas V. Bilfinger, Enrica Bianchi & Massimo Guarna
 Abstract| | full text pdf

2002; 23:21-26
pii: NEL220601R02
PMID: 11880858



cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Involvement of Beta-adrenoceptors in a Central Regulation of the Ovarian Progesterone Release in Rats
Miguel Angel De Bortoli, Marisa Hilda Garraza & Luis Inocencio Aguado
Abstract | full text pdf

2002; 23:27-31
pii: NEL220601A01
PMID: 11880859
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Glucocorticoid treatment is associated with decreased expression of processed AVP but not of proAVP, neurophysin or oxytocin
in the human hypothalamus: Are PC1 and PC2 involved?

Z.A. Erkut, B.A.Th.F. Gabreëls, J. Eikelenboom,
F. W. van Leeuwen & D.F. Swaab
Abstract | full text pdf
2002; 23:33-44
pii: NEL220601A02
PMID: 11880860
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Reduced Salivary Cortisol in Children with
Comorbid Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder

S. Himani Kariyawasam, Frank Zaw & Sheila L. Handley
Abstract | full text pdf
2002; 23:45-48
pii: NEL220601A03
PMID: 11880861
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Nighttime Changes in Norepinephrine and Melatonin Content and Serotonin Turnover in Pineal Glands of Young and Old Rats Injected
with Freund’s Adjuvant

Pilar Cano, Daniel P. Cardinali, Fernando Chacon,
Carlos F. Reyes Toso, & Ana. I. Esquifino
Abstract | full text pdf
2002; 23:49-53
pii: NEL220601A04
PMID: 11880862
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) A Double Blind-placebo Controlled Study on Melatonin Efficacy to Reduce Anxiolytic Benzodiazepine Use in The Elderly
Daniel P. Cardinali, Elisa Gvozdenovich,
Marcos R. Kaplan, Isidoro Fainstein,
Hugo A. Shifis, Santiago Pérez Lloret, Liliana Albornoz & Armando Negri
Abstract | full text pdf
2002; 23: 55-60
pii: NEL220601A05
PMID: 11880863

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Effect of Bicalutamide Therapy on Prolactin Response to L-dopa in Metastatic Prostate Cancer Patients
Paolo Lissoni, Fabio Malugani, Marilena Casu, Roberta Bukovec, Remo Egardi, Veronica Bordin, Elena Fumagalli, Susan Mengo & Gianstefano Gardani
Abstract | full text pdf

2002; 23: 61-63
pii: NEL220601A06
PMID: 11880864
2002; 23: 61-63
pii: NEL220601X01
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