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cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Melatonin and Clinical Significance SUPPLEMENT 1

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Light, Endocrine System and Cancer

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) PEPTIDES AND AGEING

NEW! Human Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology SPECIAL ISSUE

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) EDITORIAL

by Peter G. Fedor-Freybergh
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cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Guest Editorial

Memories and Traces Neurobiological personality research and conflict behavior
by Marianne Hassler

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2002; 23:377–378
pii: NEL235602E01
PMID: 12500155


2002; 23
pii: NEL235602E02
PMID: 12500156



Late nocturnal sleep onset impairs a melatonin shower in young children
by Jun Kohyama
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2002; 23:385–386
pii: NEL235602L01
PMID: 12500157

Is there a gender difference of somatostatin-receptor density in the human brain?
by Robert Pichler, Wilhelmine Maschek, Carmen Crespillo, Isabel Esteva & Federico Soriguer
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2002; 23:440–441
pii: NEL235602L02
PMID: 12500167


cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) The neuroendocrine phenotype, cellular plasticity, and the search for genetic switches: Redefining the diffuse neuroendocrine system
Robert Day & Michel Salzet
 Abstract | free full text pdf


2002; 23:447–451
pii: NEL235602R01
PMID: 12500170


cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Spastic and myocloni in a childhood neurodegenerative disease – New therapeutic options
by Ruediger Lorenz

 Abstract | free full text pdf


2002; 23:387–390
pii: NEL235602C01
PMID: 12500158


cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Cytoprotection by melatonin and growth hormone in early rat myocardial infarction as revealed by Feulgen DNA staining
by Hugo E. Castagnino, Néstor Lago, José M. Centrella, Silvana D. Calligaris, Silvia Farińa, María I. Sarchi & Daniel P. Cardinali

Abstract | free full text pdf


2002; 23:391–395
pii: NEL235602A01
PMID: 12500159

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Non-sprouting angiogenesis in neurohypophysis after traumatic injury of the cerebral cortex. Electron-microscopic studies
by Malgorzata Frontczak-Baniewicz & Michal Walski
Abstract | free full text pdf .
2002; 23:396–404
pii: NEL235602A02
PMID: 12500160
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Effects of estradiol benzoate on the ultrastructure of the pinealocyte in the ovariectomized rat
by Ilter Kus, Hakan Oner, Candan Ozogul, Ahmet Ayar, Oguz Aslan Ozen, Mustafa Sarsilmaz &
Haluk Kelestimur

Abstract | free full text pdf
2002; 23:405–410
pii: NEL235602A03
PMID: 12500161
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Effect of epitalon on interleukin-1b signal transduction and the reaction of thymocyte blast transformation under stress
by Vladimir Kh. Khavinson, Elena A. Korneva, Vladimir V. Malinin, Elena G. Rybakina,
Irina Yu. Pivanovich & Sergey N. Shanin

Abstract | free full text pdf
2002; 23:411–416
pii: NEL235602A04
PMID: 12500162
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) The relationship between the daily profile of chosen biochemical markers of bone metabolism and melatonin and other hormone secretion in rats under physiological conditions
by Zofia Ostrowska, Beata Kos-Kudla, Bogdan Marek, Dariusz Kajdaniuk & Nelly Ciesielska-Kopacz
Abstract | free full text pdf
2002; 23:417–425
pii: NEL235602A05
PMID: 12500163
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) DDT in human milk and mental capacities
in children at school age:
An additional view on PISA 2000

by Günter Dörner & Andreas Plagemann
Abstract | free full text pdf
2002; 23:427–431
pii: NEL230302A06
PMID: 12500164
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Mechanism of ghrelin-evoked glucagon secretion from the pancreas of diabetic rats
by Ernest Adeghate & Hasan Parvez
Abstract | free full text pdf
2002; 23:432–436
pii: NEL235602A07
PMID: 12500165
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Effects of insulin and sulphonylureas on insulin-like growth factor-I levels in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
by Engin Guney, Gurcan Kisakol, Aysin Oge,
Candeger Yilmaz & Taylan Kabalak
Abstract | free full text pdf
2002; 23:437–439
pii: NEL235602A08
PMID: 12500166
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Effect of superior cervical ganglionectomy on the ultrastructure of pinealocytes in the Djungarian hamster (Phodopus sungorus): Quantitative study
by Michal Karasek, Anna Zielinska, Krystyna Marek & Jacek Swietoslawski

Abstract | free full text pdf
2002; 23:443–446
pii: NEL235602A09
PMID: 12500169
cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Epitalon influences pineal secretion in stress-exposed rats in the daytime
by Dmitry A. Sibarov, Rimma I. Kovalenko, Vladimir V. Malinin & Vladimir Kh. Khavinson

Abstract | free full text pdf

2002; 23: 452–454
pii: NEL235602A10
PMID: 12500171

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) The effect of hormonal factors on the hearing organ in women, after surgical castration. Preliminary Report
by A. Reron, E. Reron, M. Modrzejewski, P. Strek &
M. Trojnar-Podlesny
Abstract | free full text pdf
2002; 23:455–458
pii: NEL235602A11
PMID: 12500172

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Removal of dental amalgam and other metal alloys supported by antioxidant therapy alleviates symptoms and improves quality of life in patients with amalgam-associated ill health
by Ulf Lindh, Romuald Hudecek, Antero Danersund, Sture Eriksson & Anders Lindvall
Abstract | free full text pdf

2002; 23:459–482
pii: NEL235602A12
PMID: 12500173


Book Review

cirkel_red.gif (77 bytes) Csilla Rúzsás and Béla Mess: Maturation and Aging of Neuroendocrine Functions. The role of monoaminergic neurons and of the pineal gland
by Günter Dörner
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2002; 23:442
pii: NEL235602L03
PMID: 12500168

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