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Time structures - chronomes - in child development

2003; Suppl. 1,
Vol 24

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Time structures - chronomes - in child development
Vol. 24, Supplement 1, 2003

Editor: Germaine Cornélissen (Minnesota, USA)
Co-Editors: Othild Schwartzkopff (Minnesota, USA),
Petra Niemeyer-Hellbruegge (Munich, Germany) and Franz Halberg (Minnesota, USA)

i. Introductory section
ii. Neonatology
iii. Vascular, metabolic and endocrine chronomes
iv. Other pediatric, notably cognitive topics
v. Basic science
vi. Methodology

i. Introductory section

Cornélissen G, Halberg F, Schwartzkopff O, Katinas G, Johnson D, Otsuka K, Watanabe Y, Wang ZR, Wan CW, Perfetto F, Tarquini R, Maggioni C, Syutkina EV, Masalov A, Siegelova J, Zhao ZY, Singh RB, Singh RK, Delyukov A, Gorgo Y, Zaslavskaya RM, Gubin GD, Gubin DG, Kumagai Y, Uezono K, Wilson D, Weydahl A, Bakken E.
Editor's foreword:
What Gesell wished, Hellbrügge accomplished: Chronomics of child development

Schneeweiss B.
Prologue from a colleague

ii. Neonatology

Cornélissen G, Rigatuso J, Syutkina EV, Schwartzkopff O, Johnson DE, Halberg F. International Womb-to-Tomb Chronome Group:
Case report of an acceptable average but overswinging blood pressure in Circadian Hyper-Amplitude-Tension, CHAT

Garcia Alonso L, Cornélissen G, Syutkina EV, Masalov A, Perfetto F, Tarquini R, Halberg F.
Chronomics of human growth in body weight and length

Kellerova E. (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)
Stimulus-induced changes and circadian and ultradian periodicities of blood pressure "and heart rate in newborns

Kenner T, Cornélissen G, Katinas G, Schwartzkopff O, Kenner B, Halberg F.
Population cycle in sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)?

Korte J, Oppe C, Wulff K, Siegmund R (Berlin, Germany)
Activity-rest behaviour of preterm neonates compared to full-term neonates using "actigraph monitoring

Maggioni C, Cornélissen G, Syutkina EV, Johnson D, Halberg F.
Pharmacovigilance: betamimetic drug exposure in pregnancy enhances cardiovascular disease risk of offspring

Marazzi A, Ruffieux C, Cornélissen G, Syutkina EV, Johnson D, Halberg F.
Circadian and circaseptan patterns of natality and perinatal mortality of infants with different birth weights

AV, Syutkina EV (Moskow, Russia)
Magnetic storms and neonatal blood pressure and heart rate chronomes

Mrowka R, Cimponeriu L, Patzak A, Rosenblum MG.
Development of cardiorespiratory interaction during different sleep stages in babies

Rivkees SA (New Haven, USA)
Developing circadian rhythmicity in infants

Siegelová J (Brno, Czech Republic), Cornélissen G, Schwartzkopff O, Halberg F. (Minnesota, USA)
Time structures in the development of children

Syutkina EV, Cornélissen G, Yatsyk G, Studenikin M, Baranov A, Halberg F.
Over a decade of clinical chrononeonatology and chronopediatrics in Moscow

Watanabe Y, Nintcheu-Fata S, Katinas G, Cornélissen G, Otsuka K, Hellbrügge T, Bakken E, Schwartzkopff O, Halberg F.
A newborn's partial heart rate chronome in moving spectra during first 40 days of life

iii. Vascular, metabolic and endocrine chronomes

Kumagai Y, Kumagai Eu, Kumagai Er, Cornélissen G,
E, Halberg Francine, Schwartzkopff O, Halberg F.
Circaseptan axillary temperature rhythm development in a familial and chronomic context

Mikulecky M, Michalkova D. (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)
Monthly incidence of childhood diabetes type 1 in Slovakia 1985-1998

Otsuka K, Cornélissen G, Matsuoka O, Kubo Y, Murakami S, Shinagawa M, Yamanaka M, Yamanaka T, Nishumira Y, Hotta N, Nunoda Si, Ohkawa Si, Halberg F.
Mapping of blood pressure and heart rate variability: a model for pediatricians

Perfetto F, Tarquini R, Kocharyan S, Bubenik G, Aslanyan N, Cornélissen G, Salti R, Katinas GS, Schwartzkopff O, Halberg F.
Far from melatonin's time horizon: Halting steps from pediatric ultradians toward a chronome

Tarquini R, Perfetto F, Cornélissen G, Mello G, Johnson D, Halberg F.
Circadian and circannual aspects of the leptin chronome in cord blood

Touitou Y. (Paris, France)
Circadian endocrine rhythms in prepubertal boys' saliva

Ullrich K-P, Wilsky E, Gerlach K, Hoffman A, Wiedemann G.
Excretion of 6-hydroxy-melatonin-sulfate (6sMLT) by children with normal "and short stature

Wilsky E, Hoffman A, Wiedemann G, Gerlach K, Ullrich K-P.
Sleep-efficiency, overnight melatonin (MLT) secretion and 6-hydroxy-MLT-sulfate (6sMLT) excretion in normal and short-statured GH-deficient children

iv. Other pediatric, notably cognitive topics

Lueder S, Hesse V, Siegmund R. (Berlin, Germany)
Actigraphic study of activity-rest patterns in pre-school and school-age children

Quadens O. (Brussels, Belgium)
Chronomes in the human brain's development

Reinberg A. (Paris, France)
Clock-hour association of children's performance

Wulff K, Siegmund R. (London, UK; Berlin, Germany)
Ontogeny of circadian rhythms and social entrainment during infancy and childhood

v. Basic science

Albrecht U. (Fribourg, Switzerland)
Molecular basis of circadian rhythm and behavior

Edmunds L, Balzer I, Cornélissen G, Halberg F.
Toward a chronome of Euglena gracilis (Klebs)

Illnerová H, Jác M, Trávnicková Z, Sumová A. (Prague, Czech Republic)
Modulation of the mammalian time-keeping system by the photoperiod

Katinas G, Berger S, Cornélissen G, Hillman D, Woolum J, Engebretson M, Syutkina EV, Masalov A, Wang ZR, Bakken EE, Schwartzkopff O, Halberg F.
Acetabularia acetabulum: Unicellular model of neonatal vascular chronome

Shinoda H, Ohtsuka-Isoya M, Cornélissen G, Halberg F.
Putative circaseptans or other infradians in murine dentin accretion and the "suprachiasmatic nuclei

Woolum JC, Cornélissen G, Halberg F.
Spectral aspects of Acetabularia's light transmission chronome: effects of enucleation

Zhou B, Wang Z, Wan C, Sothern RB, Cornélissen G, Halberg F. Diazepam and melatonin effects upon circadian variation of cultured murine "myocardiocytes

vi. Methodology

Burioka N, Cornélissen G, Otsuka K, Shimizu E, Halberg F. Linear and nonlinear indices of variability in respiratory movement, the "electroencephalogram and the electrocardiogram

Rädler J, Schubert I, Hecht K, Maschke C. (Berlin, Germany)
Circaseptan and circasemiseptan rhythms of electrophysiological sleep profiles in "adolescents of pubertal age

Springer S, Bunk W. (Munich, Germany)
Basics of biosignal analysis of ECG and EEG with chaos theoretical methods

Wulff K, Wulff W, Siegmund R. (London, UK; Berlin, Germany)
Circadian patterns of rest and activity in infants and their mothers analyzed by SOPRAN - a wavelet approach for actigraphic data

Zaslavskaya RM, Makarova LA, Shakarova AN, Wang ZR, Cornélissen G, Halberg F.
Melatonin effects on blood pressure in vivo and in vitro: model and method for "pediatricians?

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