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- European Society of NeuroImmunoModulation

1987, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia: A new discipline
named "Neuroimmunomodulation" by N.H. Spector,
or with major emphasis on behavior aspects
as "Psychoneuro-immunomodulation" as defined by R. Ader, was born.
This discipline is devoted to study the interactions at different morphologic and functional levels among them immune system, the nervous system and the endocrine system.

In fact this science is an old science
or, as defined by B.D. Yankovic (1987) "…neuroimmunomodulation is a modern reflection in neurosciences and immunosciences of the ideas and experience of philosophers and ingenious observers of ancient Egypt, Greece, China, India and other old civilizations that the mind is involved in the defense against diseases…"

Today it may be the fastest growing area of research in the biomedical sciences in the world.

Read more here --  Invited Guest Editorial (Congress Report): Fourth ISNIM Congres in Lugano, 1999

As the Editor-in-Chief of the Neuroendocrinology Letters, I would like to announce a broad interest in creating the European Society of Neuroimmunomodulation (ESNIM) among European Colleagues involved with research in this field.

The idea is to emphasize the European identity and specific characteristics of European needs and defined programs and projects as well as to organize European Congresses.

There have been suggestions from some of the leading scientists in the field of Neuroimmunomodulation, based in different European Countries to have the Neuroendocrinology Letters as the official organ of ESNIM. I, in my capacity as the Editor-in-Chief welcome this role for the NEL very positively.

In this context it is important to state, that there is no intention to create any kind of competition, rivalry or any conflicting situation between the new ESNIM and the ISNIM;
quite the contrary, there would be a possibility for a good partnership, completing each other on a complementary and integrative basis.

The membership in one Society would not exclude the membership in the other Society and there could be made a consensus on joint membership with beneficial membership fee and also a joint subscription of the ISNIM’s and ESNIM’s official Journals.

On behalf of the Neuroendocrinology Letters (NEL) we would welcome this development as constructive and supportive for the independent research and publication possibilities throughout the European Countries and Institutions. The NEL is especially dedicated to supporting the research and rapid publication possibilities of young promising postgraduate students in European countries.

In order to facilitate the procedures, I would like to ask interested colleagues in ESNIM to contact me at or Professor Dr. Ario Conti at to express your interest and commitment to joining the ESNIM. Your response is welcome before January 30, 2002. You can also announce your interest HERE.

From January 2, 2002, you will find additional information about ESNIM on the PRESS ROOM Neuroendocrinology Letters website at and in the NEL NEWS (Free Newsletter upon request at

I would very much appreciate to hear from you in the nearest future.

I conclude with my most cordial Seasons Greetings and
very best wishes for the New Year 2002, yours

Peter G. Fedor-Freybergh

Thank your for your interest!
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