Club of Friends of Neuroendocrinology Letters

The Club of Friends of NEL, [CoF-NEL] is an 'umbrella', a unifying name for individuals, researchers, private persons, Institutions, Organizations, Companies, etc, under which they share their common vision and values for developing this Journal and wish to give their genuine support for the activities of the Neuroendocrinology Letters.

Neuroendocrinology Letters (NEL), included Psychoneuroimmunology, Neuropsychopharmacology, Reproductive Medicine, Chronobiology and Human Ethology and the International Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine (JPPPM) are totally independent journals under independent leadership and editorship, and not owned nor dependent on any other publishing house or any other organization.

None of our journals have invested money in costly marketing campaigns throughout the world for obtaining subscribers or boosting Impact Factor through buying "subscription" to most expensive "Impact-factor-generating" databases. This is the reason for not finding our journals in numerous Libraries world wide in spite of their high scientific quality. We choose to invest this money in supporting young scientists, researchers, especially in the field of integrated sciences, both in their research and in their publishing activities, including publishing their doctoral thesis.

  • The impact-factor-focussed scientific world does not know any other means of 'measuring science' than this. How does the profit-making-company's goals and methods comply with non-profit-making scientific research and the individual scientist's ideal work of high quality? (See Guest Editorial by Charles Jennings "Citation data: the wrong impact?", Neuroendocrinol Lett 1999; 20:7-10
  • and by H. L. Freeman "Quantifying quality" Neuroendocrinol Lett 1999; 20:263).
    Addititional reading about the Editorial Decision-Making can be found here by J. L. Crammer "Editor creates journal" Neuroendocrinol Lett 1999; 20:263 and by Louise Howard and Greg Wilkinson "Peer review and editorial decision-making" Neuroendocrinol Lett 1999; 20:256-260.

    How many of the authors know that the publisher can double, triple or multiply even more the IF by buying it for a round sum of USD 6 figures?
    "I cite you, you cite me, we cite each other" is one of the bases for this biased manipulated calculation. Different cultures, traditions and groups dependent on their decency, knowledge or moral, use this more or less. What about those who use it less, or not at all? Is their scientific work of less value? And what about those who use this as a "scientific method" in everyday procedures, both as author, Editor, or the "calculator" employed by a database. [^up]




The policy of Club of Friends, and of both journals, NEL and JPPPM, as well as of the Society of Integrated Sciences is:
– to initiate and support scientific research of interdisciplinary character in the areas related to these above named journals
– to encourage young scientist in their scientific research and publishing activities, including publishing of their doctoral thesis
– to continue to maintain free access for viewing pdf files online for all our web-site visitors
– to further develop the interdisciplinary approach in encountering different scientific fields affiliated with our journals


Membership is on yearly basis, and anyone who wishes to support and/or take an active part in developing the activities of NEL is welcome to join the Club of Friends. Regular membership includes an Entrance fee (USD 1000) and a Yearly fee (USD 500).
HONORARY MEMBERS can be invited only by recommendation from two current CoF Members and includes a yearly fee on individual level, depending on the nature of active support. Honorary Members can be invited to join the Club of Friends by the Editor-in-Chief without prior being an ordinary member of the Club nor Member of the Editorial Board.


Among the benefits of the Club of Friends are the participation in Conferences and Meetings organized by the Society of Integrated Sciences and the Neuroendocrinology Letters or the Club of Friends itself. This includes also initiation of innovative activities, such as inaugurate Awards in honor of distinguished personalities for their impact in developing new scientific approaches, as it was with founding of the ZDENEK KLEIN AWARD for Human Ethology in 2001.
The Member's benefits includes a Membership Diploma, Special communications, free subscription to the NEL and to the Prenatal Journal (according to wish), together with other chosen publications.


All the financial support in form of grants, gifts (or other), is handled by a European registered nonprofit society - Society of Integrated Sciences. Society of Integrated Sciences is also a current publisher of the Neuroendocrinology Letters together with the 'sister-publication', the International Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine. [^up]




Open Membership List shows the names of persons who wish to have their membership of the Club of Friends of NEL as an open membership, and in this way encourage their colleagues and friends to follow their example. More information available at request by email.

The Club of Friends has also Members who do not wish to include their names or personal details at this point. This however is an issue in change as we from the Editorial Office of the NEL communicate with our Members of the Club on regular basis and discuss even these details about an open Membership list. [^up]


Prof. Marianne Hassler, Ph.D. Member of the Editorial Board of NEL
Mag. Bernhard Fink, Member of the Editorial Board of NEL
Prof. Igor Kvetnoy, M.D, Ph.D. Member of the Board of Associate Editors of NEL
Prof. Vladimir Khavinson, M.D., Ph.D., Member of the Editorial Board of NEL
Dr. Med. Ruediger Lorenz, Member of the Editorial Board of NEL



I have read the above lines and would like to give my support.

To apply for membership in the Club of Friends of Neuroendocrinology Letters, please send your Application written in free form, addressed to the
Editor-in-Chief, by email: