September 18, 2004


Morphine Synthesis in Animal Ganglia 17-Sep-2004

Pleasure and Addiction Linked Together via Signaling Pathway Commonalities 16-Sep-2004

Is estrogen neuroprotective or neurodestructive
- 19-Aug-2003

Order and Disorder in the Brain - 1-Aug-2003

Is ADHD adaptive or non-adaptive behavior? - 1-July-2003

Removal of dental resorative materials may ameliorate chronic desease - 9-Feb-2003

Melatonin Stops Light-at-night Breast Cancer Burden

Preferred Partner Characteristics in Homosexual Men in Relation to Speculated Patterns of Brain Differentiation (Frank Muscarella) - 9-Sep-2002

THC-treatment in children suffering from severe brain damage
(Rüdiger Lorenz) - 29-Aug-2002

DDT in human milk and mental capacities in children at school age:
An additional view on PISA 2000

(Günter Dörner & Andreas Plagemann) - 13-Aug-2002

Peptides and Ageing (Vladimir Khavinson) - 13-Aug-2002

Treatment of Autistic Spectrum Disorder in Children with Thiamine (Vitamin B1) Disulfide (Derrick Lonsdale) - 13-Aug-2002

Vasilenko Prize

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