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Vol. 18 No. 1
Effects of PACAP, VIP and their Peptide Fragments on Scopolamine-Induced Impaired Performance and on the CHAT Activity in the Brain of Rats
by Yoshima Yamaguchi, M. Higashi, M. Nishio and H. Kobayashi
1997; 18:7-14
Suppression of N-Nitroso-N-MethylureaInduced Second Generation Rat Mammary Tumours with Combined Melatonin-Tamoxifien Therapy
by Lalita Kothari, A. Kothari, A. Borges, I. Mitra and S. Kabre
1997; 18:15-20
Human Prolactinomas in Cell Culture: Structure-Function Correlation and Indication of Early Relapse
by Chih-Jen Wang and S.L. Howng
1997; 18:21-26
Acute and Chronic Effects of Insulin on the Activities of Monoamine Oxidase and Antioxudant Enzymes in the Rat Hypothalamus
by Vukosava Davidovic, R. Radojicic, G. Cvijie and S. Djurasevic
1997; 18:27-32
Caffeine Effect on the Secretion of Immunoreactive Parathyroid Hormone by Different Brain Areas of Sheep - An In Vitro Study
by Georg Bühler, S. Balabanova and J. Rosenthal
1997; 18:33-40
The Implication of the Rat Pineal Gland in Leydig Cells Reactive Response to Acute Immobilization
by Tatjana Kostic, J. Milin and D. Maric
1997; 18:41-46
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Vol. 18 Nos.2/ 3
by Peter G. Fedor-Freybergh | Editorial
1997; 18:47

Both Melatonin and a Putative Nuclear Melatonin Receptor Agonist CGP 52608 Stimulate Glutathione Peroxidase and Glutathone Reductase Activities in Mouse Brain In Vivo
by M. I. Pablos, J. M. Guerrero, G. G. Ortiz, M. T Agapito and R. J. Reiter | Abstract

1997; 18:49-58
Melatonin Regulation of Tumor Growth and the Role of Fatty Acid Uptake and Metabolism
by D. E. Blask, L. A. Sauer and R. T Dauchy | Abstract
1997; 18:59-62
Pineal Gland and Cancer: An Old Concept with Potential for the Future - A State-of-the-Art
by C. Bartsch and H. Bartsch | Introduction
1997; 18:63-72
Melatonin: A Synchronizing Signal for the Immune System
by D. R Cardinali, L. I. Brusco, L. Selgas and A. I. Esquifino
| Introduction
1997; 18:73-84
Neurochemical Markers of Emesis Induced by Anti-Cancer Drugs: Role of Central Mechanisms
by S. H. Parvez, M. Minami, P Caudy, T Endo, S. Parvez, M. Hirafuji, N. Hamaue, K. Akita, H. Saito, M. Yoshioka and G. Qureshi | Introduction
1997; 18:85-102
Peptides in Processes of Learning and Memory
by Y. Yamaguchi, S. Kawashima and H. Kobayashi | Introduction
1997; 18:103-110
Glutathione and Metallothionein in Neurodegeneration-Neuroprotection of Parkinson's Disease
M. Ebadi, J. F Rodriguez-Sierra and N. S. Norton | Abstract

1997; 18:111-121
Cytochemical, Scanning Electron Microscopy X-ray Microanalysis and Spectrophotometric Study of Ca2+ Contents and Distribution in the Rat Pineal Gland During Ontogenetic Development
by L. M. Barragán, D. L. Pizarro, M. B. Gómez Esteban, J. C. Carvajal, S. Carbajo, and A. J. Alvarez-Morujo | Abstract
1997; 18:123-133
Involvement of Nitric Oxide in the Ameliorative Effect of Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide on Impaired Performance induced in Rats by Scopolamine in Radial-Arm Maze
by Y Yamaguchi, M. Higashi, and H. Kobayashi | Abstract
1997; 18:135-139
Pre- and Neonatal Control of Pituitary Hormone Secretion in the Pig
by N. Parvizi | Abstract
1997; 18:141-152
The GnRH-Containing Synapses in the Preoptic Area of Normal and Ovariectornized Female Rat. Immunocytochernical Study
by B. Gajkowska and K. Kochman | Abstract
1997; 18:153-159
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Drugs and the Calcium-Homeostasis Hormones - A Review
by G. Bühler, S. Balabanova and J. Rosenthal | Abstract
-- Full Review article in process
1997; 18:161-169

Obituary to Derek Gupta

List of Donors

1997; 18:171

1997; 18:172-174

1997; 18:175

1997; 18:176-183
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1997; 18:184
Vol. 18 No. 4
by Peter G. Fedor-Freybergh | Editorial
1997; 18:189
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Evidence for Prolactin Releasing Activity of Neuropeptide FF in Rats
by A. A. Aarnisalo, R. K. Tuominen, M. Nieminen, Panula | Abstract
1997; 18:191-196
Quinolinic Acid: Lipolytic Effect
by M. Beskid, J. Jachimowicz, and Z. Obminski | Abstract
1997; 18:197-201
Testosterone is Locally Metabolized in Human Brain Tumors, with Possible Qualitative and Quantitative Changes in Its Effects
by H. J. Stuerenburg, 1. Breivik, M. J. A. Puchner, F Lohmann, and K. Kunze | Abstract
1997; 18:203-213
Estrogen-Brain Relationship During Development and Aging: Effects on Glial Cells
by R. Kapur and P S. Timiras | Abstract
1997; 18:215-220
Melatonin, Dehydroepiandrosterone and RZR/ROR-Ligand CGP 52608 Attenuate the Stress-Induced Gastric Lesion Formation in Rats
by A. Gruszka, J. Kunert-Radek, M. Pawlikowski, and M. Karasek | Abstract
1997; 18:221-229

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