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The Neurobiology of Love

Morphine Apparently in Your Head
Morphine Synthesis in Animal Ganglia
Pleasure and Addiction Linked Together via Signaling Pathway Commonalities

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Suppl. 1, August 2005, Vol. 26
Current Best Treatment of Bipolar Disorders with
Second Generation Antipsychotics

by Marek Jarema, Ljubomir Hotujac, E. Timucin Oral,
Janusz Rybakowski, Norman Sartorius and Jaromir Švestka
Suppl. 1 [Special Issue], 2004 Vol. 25
Expanding Frontiers in Neonatology
Time structures chronomes in child development Suppl. 1, 2003
Human Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology October 2002
Peptides and Ageing   August 2002
Light, Endocrine Systems and Cancer July 2002
MELATONIN -Clinical Significance and Therapeutic Application  April 2002